Wrap around dress

I’ve always lusted after a figure that can get away with those slinky dresses that just drip from your shoulders, skimming over hip bones and a small pert bottom.  That’s just never going to happen, I have child bearing hips that have bared 3 children in 5 years and breasts that go up and down from a D cup to a B cup daily to feed my son.  So one of my go to cuts of dress is the trusty wrap around dress, cinching me in at the waist giving the illusion of nice boobs and above all, so easy to wear.  This little beauty was bought at of all places, M and Co. Not a shop I would think about to get a date night dress but ever reminding me that it doesn’t matter where something is from if you like it, you like it.  I also find with a wrap dress it doesn’t matter if I have eaten all the bread and look around 6 month pregnant again as the fabric hangs from the waist and helps skim over the bloat.  Very handy when I have a boarder line problem with my love of a crusty roll and olive oil.

I always take my styling from the queen of the wrap dress Diane Von Furstenberg, think Riviera chic. A mix of gold and silver jewellery, simple handbag and sandles.  Boom, slummy Mummy to a jet setting Mumma who’s just walked off her yacht…yeah right!!!

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