Saving it for best

While I was sat waiting to collect my daughter from nursery I was admiring my lovely new Keith Scarrott boots.  It got me thinking, I love these boots, they make me feel nice, are a bit different to the boots I have seen on the high street and actually they make me happy.

Yes, I am fully aware this makes me incredibly materialistic and I shouldn’t rely on a possession to make me happy but quiet frankly you’ve got to get your kicks where you can.  I have always been the same and not always with the most flattering of items. The velvet 90’s floppy hat I was addicted to when I thought I was Blossom or the bright pink fake fur leg warmer/overshoe cyber punk things I used to wear with skirts made from duvets, when at art college. However if something makes you happy and feels good, isn’t that whats important?

This is something I try to bring forward to my everyday wardrobe.  My style has had ups and downs like everyone but when I’m feeling good I tend to lean more towards wearing pieces that I enjoy.  For those of you that are married, hopefully you would have got that feeling from your wedding dress? For me, the moment I tried on my wedding dress,  I just knew this was the one. It made me feel incredible and I still like to unzip its bag and stroke it occasionally especially now, it holds so many happy memories.  What if we put that same sentiment to our every day wardrobe? It’s so easy when we aren’t feeling quiet at our best to grab that comfy pair of old jeans that have gone a bit saggy on the bottom and the massive hoody that feels like a duvet, but are they really making you feel good? Are they lifting your mood or just reinforcing that feeling of not feeling 100%.

The first thing you need to do is know what makes you feel good, do you have a favourite dress or top that you save for best? What are you saving it for? I remember another mother saying to me don’t keep your little girls party dresses just for parties because before you know it, you outgrow them, fashion changes and you wouldn’t get your moneys worth.  Well we should be applying this to ourselves (not only because for me time of year dependant I may have ‘grown out’ of things but because you change your mind, your taste changes).

I have a black Massimo Dutti dress which was around £70,  its quiet a simple black dress, midi length with a draw string waist.  I’ve owned this dress for about 2 years now and I until recently had only worn it 3 times.  To me it was a going out dress, obviously having small children one of whom is only just turning 1, I wasn’t going out all that often.  When I stopped breastfeeding Monty during the day I was able to go to the hairdressers without him, so I used this as an opportunity to wear the dress. (no boob access unless I get naked!) I had broken the cycle, I had worn it out during the day and now I’ve worn the dress 6 times in the last month.  I’m getting my £ per wear and its making me feel good.

As women we are very good at worring about what others think about us, I have bought things before and the next day my husband has asked me why aren’t you wearing that new pair of trousers? My reply has always been the same, ‘I’m not going anywhere, no point, I’m getting up, getting dressed and performing my daily tasks. The school run, nursery run, dog walk, supermarket etc.  Granted that none of which are most the glamorous destinations but why wouldn’t I just wear what I wanted rather than worry what other mothers/people think.  When you actually break it down, if anyone cares what you are wearing they have either noticed you look nice or they are jealous you have had the confidence to wear what you like.  I’ve put together an edit of items that bring me pure joy, aesthetic beauties that might not float your boat but certainly do it for me in changing my everyday boring old clothes.

H & M Frilled Dress £34.99 

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.04.11.png 

Easily dress down for a more casual look with a chunky knitted cardigan, pale grey would look stunning with this pop of colour.

Keith Scarrott Volpe ankle boots £149.95 (also available in black with silver stars)

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.14.15


Zara Sweater with coloured sequins £39.99

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.19.23

Worn your everyday skinny jeans and boots or with that midi/maxi skirt you’ve been hiding in the back of the wardrobe to scared to wear.

& Other Stories Shoulder Frills Midi Dress £110

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.24.07.png 

This dress is beautiful and will see you through all the seasons, for Autumn and Winter teamed with knitwear or a leather biker jacket this will see you through right until Spring.

Wyse London Luca Lounge Star Charcoal £220

wyse joggers.jpg

Well if you are going to opt for the comfort strategy you might as well do it in style.  These cashmere joggers are divine, super soft and effortlessly stylish.



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