A chilly, dreary Wednesday in November, Christmas looming but you don’t feel festive, what more could you ask for but your first ‘Wear Your Best Wednesday’?

Following on from a recent post about wearing what you want when you want, I thought, just because its Wednesday and its “hump” day, we all need a little pick me up; why don’t we just wear what we want, when we want?

Wednesday’s have always been my most resented day of the week since the age of 9, when I had to contend with the terrifying force that was Ms Funnel.  She taught me piano, I never practiced and was utterly terrified of her.  I can still, to this day remember being stood outside her practice room at school wanting the world to swallow me up, hoping that this would be the week I would master Minuet in G minor (shudder) and she would stop shouting at me!

Now, as a mother of three, Wednesday symbolises the day furthest away from fun. The weekend has become a distant memory and the next weekend’s plans are just a little bit too far away……..so I thought sod it lets start something fun, lets face it what’s more fun than wearing something you’ve been saving for best just for the sheer hell of it? (Yes, I know theirs a million things more fun but stick with me here).

I know we all don’t feel jazzy all the time and I’m not suggesting you get your wedding dress back out to do the school run, unless of course you feel like that…maybe we can make that a thing?  I want you to wear something that makes you feel happy; a lipstick, those £3.50 earrings from H&M you have been a little anxious about or simply your favourite item of clothing that never fails to make you feel good.

Then simply take a lovely pic and tag me and hashtags #wearyourbestwednesday and #WYBW.  This is all about wearing something that gives you joy.  Lets stop thinking up excuses not to wear the things we love and just go for it.

I will re-gram my favourites in the evening so we can all share in the love.

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